Setting Business Priorities

with Data Analytics

This course provides focus on the “Dao of Data,” i.e., the convergence of Data Analytics and Business Intelligence to create value for your organization. “Dao,” defined as a path or a way, for making your investment in Data Analytics pay-off. Unlock the secrets hidden within your data and turn data into money.

Example Curriculum

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This course is closed for enrollment.



GUILD (the "DAIG")

This course is part of the Data Analytics and Intelligence Guild (DAIG) certifications. We use the “Medieval Guild” style of learning because the guild system speaks directly to competencies for one’s career—not theoretical training (i.e., “this is what I know”) but practical and useful skills (i.e., “this is what I can do.”)

Much like the guilds of old, mastery in Decision Analytics is integral in bringing about a Renaissance in today’s business, taking us from Big Data…data lakes, data mining, data systems…to problem-solving, to showing some return on the investment of the systems designed to collect, store, and organize the data. The route to mastery is in four levels: 

Apprentice, Sojourner, Maestro/Maestra, and Artisan.

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